Connection | respect | involvement | attention | open heart.
By this basic attitude and with my skills, work experience and personal experiences, I would like to make a positive contribution to the welfare and well-being of others. My method is based on silence, full attention, warmth and in all openness from a safe base. With respect and without judgment, I invite you to investigate who you are and to be able to live from here.

Using soft-oriented touches the body can be helped when discharged by high tension and emotions in organs, connective tissue, spinal cord and the muscles. With cranio sacral therapy you can restore body and mind, it also supports the the self healing ability. That to me is; a wonderful way to become more aware of the body, what is inside in the inner the body. I see my treatments always as a whole humans; body, mind, heart and soul: "whole the human being".

Cranio sacral, loss processing or a massage can be a support are on the way to yourself to again feel what it is like to be able to open our hearts to ...

My treatments can be applied on: stress, headaches, neck and shoulder complaints, grief and bereavement, trauma processing, menopause and menopause problems, freeze but also fatigue and feel (no rest may find themselves hunted inside), poor sleep, to calm my nerves, but also complaint


Cranio sacral therapy is an exceptionally soft and at the same time, powerful treatment method. The Craniosacral sessions have a meditative character; It brings you from head to body, from thinking to feeling, from time to time. The special thing about this fway of relaxation is the soft, friendly and respectful way from touching. As a result, your body and mind come back into balance, reduce tensions and stress and you can begin to feel happier and more energetic.

Intake interview
During the first session (treatment) I keep a interview.
These questions can be related to both physical and psychological symptoms, genetic disorders, accidents and details during labor and delivery. Then you can tell me more about your complaint and what's going on.
After the intake interview followed by a short treatment, this way you can get acquainted with my way of working.

With a Cranio sacral session it's fine to comfortable clothes to do, such as a jogging pants. In this way, the body all the space to be. During my treatments are you on as a client Central. Everyone experiences a cranio sacral treatment on his/her own way. It may be that you feel very little during a treatment, or a feeling of deep relaxation, sometimes feel all sorts of things happen. You can notice that in certain areas it can be heat or cold, tension or relaxation arises in certain areas were I treat your body. I can talk with your body on your deeper awareness / on consciousness on a non-verbal level, everything comes from your own core.
During the session you can relax and feel quiet, don't mind, then you can shift attention to what you perceive at that time. Only observe, without judgment, as it is for a moment in your head; just silence in your soul ... Cranio brings you to a deep silence and relaxation in which the body can heal the soul and recognize it self.
Should any emotions, I think it is important that there is peace and quiet, attention and space to see what is needed.

To promote your rest and well-being can be a very effective Cranio Sacral relaxation treatment: an hour long in silence, with comfortable clothes on. This body and mind back in balance, tension and reduce stress and you feel happier and more energetic.

Cranion sacral is for young and old!

Vital, active, supple, free to act and move, that is the natural state of man. When this somehow disturbed can craniosacral therapy.

With which complaints can I contact cranio sacral therapy? 
It can be used as a supporting therapy in other treatments or as detached therapy. Vital, active, supple, free to act and move, that is the natural state of man. When this somehow disturbed can cranio.

  • headaches/migraines

  • back, neck and shoulder complaints

  • gastrointestinal complaints

  • joint problems/increased muscle tone


  • stress, burnout and depression

  • menstruation and Climacteric

  • post-traumatic complaints

  • loss processing


  • Not the feeling in your body to sit, no contact with your body

  • Feeling of not being earthed, grounding Miss

  • Effort you space

  • Effort to express yourself

and much more ... 

For to make an appointment you can call or email me.

T: 0640054026




MASSAGE in Zutphen
A massage by this practice is not ' just ' a massage. The way I massage is very quiet and intense – with attention and care and in contact with my client. My massage will let you feel, brings you in contact with yourself and thus ensures awareness. What is your body telling you? Take time for yourself to dis-covered.

Why a massage


  • I've been busy. 

  • I want to take some time for myself.

  • I'm tense. 

  • I want to feel new energy and relaxation.

  • I live above all in my head. 

  • I want to feel, and make contact with my body. 

  • I have pain and stress. 

  • I want to be comfortable in my own skin.

By everyday stresses the body constantly under pressure and as a result weakened the nervous system and affects the blood circulation. All kinds of-vague-complaints can result, such as headaches, arm or shoulder complaints, but also, for example, upset stomach. A regular massage is good to these complaints. This massage focuses on the improvement of blood circulation and fluid maintenance. In addition it has influence on breathing, it brings peace and does stress relieving. Whether it be on all objectives applies or only a single ... 
A massage is good and relaxing for everyone.

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