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Welcome to my website

I am Susanna, an experienced body-oriented therapist / coach. I am naturally curious by nature, I am curious about what your body has to tell you.
I would like to investigate with you about, for example, your breath; which part of your body moves the most when you breathe in and out? Or what movements do you make during a conversation? Do you feel open or closed? How are you sitting or standing now? Is your position comfortable, or is there a body sensation that tells you that you can adjust the position?

My treatments are based on peace, silence, touch, loving heart and knowledge; This provides another entrance to the body than just talking. I listen with my hands to what your body has to say.

My specialization is

- By gently touching the body and paying attention to what is.
- By making visible what has always been unseen.
- By listening to the body, the body is given the space to still bring out the story.
So that you and your body can BE there.

- I listen to what you tell me, but also the words you don't say


- By coming into contact with your inner child, natural child and hurt part, you can learn who you really are.

For whom?

Many of my clients are already following or following some form of therapy in regular mental health care; for example at GGNet. However, this often turns out to be exclusively mental; there is little to no attention for the body. For me they fill this gap.

In addition, many people come to me for relaxing massages, where I also provide tools to learn to relax better themselves. If an 'old sore' comes up during the massages, we will of course address it immediately. Because:

The more baggage you can let go of, the freer your life becomes!

Whoever comes to me, with whatever request for help, I always provide a safe environment in which connection from the heart, respect and gentleness are central. Do you feel addressed by this? Please contact us without obligation. ​


In the sessions we go out together and I use breathwork, cranio, a listening ear and self-examination. These are profound forms of body work, so that you (re)connect with the wisdom of your body and body consciousness.

Working methods

Over the years I have mastered various body-oriented working methods. I first lived this completely myself, experienced it, breathed it in and breathed it out, felt it in every cell of me; such as breath, cranio and your "body wisdom" and also my own experiences regarding trauma, burnout, being invisible, no longer wanting to be there according to insight, inner child, yoga, consciousness and a soft, sweet heart.

You're welcome!




Breathing is life, breathing is the key to balance with yourself, (re)finding yourself, living life to the fullest.

With connected breathing you open your respiratory system, as it were.
You get more oxygen than normal, which releases all kinds of things in your head and
body. You open your way to your body and feelings, your subconscious with the connected breath.
Almost everyone has faced challenging situations during their personal journey. As a result, feelings such as fear, anger, overwhelm, stress, guilt, shame or sadness can be held internally.

These feelings can affect our well-being and inner beliefs and can prevent us from living the life we really want to live.

This active way of breathing makes feelings, emotions and energy blockages in your body palpable again. By consciously feeling and observing what has been stored in your body (unconsciously) for a long time, you make it possible to release and process it again. Your breath (life energy) flows through your body again as it should flow! I ensure that all this takes place in an atmosphere of peace, trust and safety.

The connected breath is a breathing technique used to release feelings, tension and negative beliefs from the body and nervous system. It brings things to the surface for integration, allowing us to dive deep within ourselves to heal and tap into inner resources that allow us to thrive in life. It has the potential to have a profound impact on our mental, emotional and physical health.

Breathe and voice

During a breathing session you can give sound to what is released. The voice is a unique instrument for 'healing' yourself.
By releasing the blocked energy through breath and voice, your life energy, joy, playfulness and creativity can start flowing again.

Breathing journey

A breathing journey takes about 1.5 - 2 hours.

It is nice to take time for yourself after the sessions.

What does the journey look like?

  • We start with the intention and preliminary discussion. What are your desires/wishes to bring to the session?

  • Then you will make your breathing journey with the connected breath, about 45 minutes. Through the use of bodywork, emotions and memories can be brought to the surface and felt.

  • After the breathing journey there is space and time to reduce the connected breath, to integrate. We will discuss how you experienced it. What do you take home and what do you leave behind?


  • it can free you from anxiety and/or stress.

  • you feel completely energetic

  • you experience deeply nourishing peace and relaxation

  • you become more aware of emotions that stop your personal growth

  • the breath makes it easier to let go of emotional baggage

  • it opens your breath and expands your life

  • if you want more light, love and consciousness in your life

  • Ofcourse you can also do a breathing session when you are doing well and you want to stay in the flow


Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, extremely subtle, manual treatment that returns the connective tissue to relaxation and freedom of movement and activates the self-healing capacity. It takes you from head to body, from thinking to feeling, from time to timelessness. The special thing about this form of relaxation is the soft, friendly and respectful way of touching. This can bring your body and mind back into balance, reduce tension and stress and you can feel more cheerful and energetic.


With craniosacral therapy, the symptoms of your complaint (s) are not treated on their own, but treatment of the entire human being takes place as a single functioning whole. I pay attention to both the complaints and the possible causes thereof.



During a Cranio Sacral / massage therapy session your body gets the chance to relax completely. It is therefore best to wear comfortable clothes. Nothing can be seen from the outside, but anything can happen in your body. While you are lying on the treatment table you can already notice the effect, although everyone experiences this in their own way.

* The gentle touch of tense areas may cause emotional reactions during or after treatment. If you wish, we can investigate together how and whether the emotional charge is related to your physical complaints and integrate it into the treatment. Gradually you come into contact with what is needed to be able to get moving again, literally and figuratively.


It may happen that a SET-UP can provide clarity during the cranio sacral therapy, I give this in consultation and at such a moment falls under the cranio sacral.


CRANIO SACRAL THERAPY is not a solution for diseases, but an effective and efficient method to make your body available for feelings and emotions. To learn to feel that you exist again.



To promote your peace and well-being, you can take a very effective Cranio Sacral relaxation treatment: for an hour in the silence, wearing comfortable clothes. This brings body and mind back into balance, reduces tension and stress and makes you feel more cheerful and energetic.



Muscle pain or headache or any other uncomfortable feeling after the treatment; is that possible?

Yes, the cranio sacral treatment can be aimed at treating disorders in the muscles or the spine in order to relieve the pain. Your body often experiences this as something unpleasant, something is actually put "right" again, which has often been 'crooked' for a long time or like the muscles are 'hardened'.
Read more.

Every session is for YOUNG and OLD!

Documents for cranio sacral / massage treatments

- Treatment agreement: PDF

- Anamnesis form: PDF

Vital, active, supple, free to act and move, that is the natural state of man. When this somehow disturbed can craniosacral therapy.

With which complaints can I contact cranio sacral / massaage therapy? 
It can be used as a supporting therapy in other treatments or as detached therapy. Vital, active, supple, free to act and move, that is the natural state of man. When this somehow disturbed can cranio.

  • headaches/migraines

  • back, neck and shoulder complaints

  • gastrointestinal complaints

  • joint problems/increased muscle tone

  • stress, burnout and depression

  • menstruation and Climacteric

  • post-traumatic complaints

  • loss processing


  • Not the feeling in your body to sit, no contact with your body

  • Feeling of not being earthed, grounding Miss

  • Effort you space

  • Effort to express yourself

and much more ... 

Massage therapy is a form of treatment in which health complaints are tackled by means of massage.
Massage therapy can stand alone, but can also be given in combination with other treatments such as craniosacral therapy, trauma processing, body-oriented therapy or system setting.

Our body has so much to say, with massage therapy the body can relax. Can we look at blockages in a different way and, above all, be felt.

My base is at the School for Massage in Amsterdam. Classic, holistic, Swedish massage, Esalen method (shake, pull and vibrate, also called California massage), and are aimed at state of total relaxation. Rebalancing, Shiatsu, AMMA massage (from Yoshinori Myashita), feldenkraise, reflexology and personal development were also discussed during this 3-year course.

All these forms together has shaped my massages how it is now:

I work intuitively and in a holistic way. This means that I approach the body and mind as a whole during the massage. By fully focusing on the person sitting on the table, a new massage is created with each treatment. Every person is different, so every massage is different. My massage makes you feel, brings you into contact with yourself and thus creates awareness.
What does your body have to tell you? Take the time for yourself to discover this.

What I think is important is making contact. Contact not only from me; the practitioner with you; the client, but especially contact with yourself; this creates awareness of being. If you are aware of what you are feeling, you can identify complaints earlier and thus prevent problems.

In massage therapy, the symptoms of your complaint (s) are not treated on their own, but treatment of the entire person takes place as one functioning whole. I pay attention to both the complaints and the possible causes thereof.

MASSAGE in Zutphen
A massage by this practice is not ' just ' a massage. The way I massage is very quiet and intense – with attention and care and in contact with my client. My massage will let you feel, brings you in contact with yourself and thus ensures awareness. What is your body telling you? Take time for yourself to dis-covered.

Why a massage


  • I've been busy. 

  • I want to take some time for myself.

  • I'm tense. 

  • I want to feel new energy and relaxation.

  • I live above all in my head. 

  • I want to feel, and make contact with my body. 

  • I have pain and stress. 

  • I want to be comfortable in my own skin.

By everyday stresses the body constantly under pressure and as a result weakened the nervous system and affects the blood circulation. All kinds of-vague-complaints can result, such as headaches, arm or shoulder complaints, but also, for example, upset stomach. A regular massage is good to these complaints. This massage focuses on the improvement of blood circulation and fluid maintenance. In addition it has influence on breathing, it brings peace and does stress relieving. Whether it be on all objectives applies or only a single ... 
A massage is good and relaxing for everyone.

It is good for yourself and your body to come back regularly for "maintenance". It is an APK for yourself.

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